Rollout Flooring (BLT) FAQs

What is the best product to use to glue G-floor down?
The recommended adhesive for this material is an acrylic based vinyl adhesive.

Does the garage floor need to be level, free from cracks and holes?
A leveling compound should be used to repair the floor before installation to ensure good adhesion.

Can this be installed over deteriorating concrete?
Yes, this flooring can be installed over deteriorating concrete. The concrete floor should be clean and dry and larger damaged areas should be patched to provide a smooth substrate before installation.

Can G-Floor be used outdoors?
For outdoor installation it is recommended that the product be fully glued down. An acrylic based vinyl adhesive should be used. This product is extremely durable and will not break down from sunlight however it is not fade proof and direct sunlight may cause the color to fade. This product is recommended for use indoors but can be used outdoors if permanently adhered. Our warranty does not cover UV exposure. A full glue down installation should be utilized for outdoor applications. This flooring is extremely durable and is designed to withstand harsh winters.
Can G-Floor be power washed?
Yes, this product can be power washed provided the nozzle of the power washer is kept a safe distance (12” minimum) from the flooring.
Does the flooring give off any smell (or off gas) and how long does it last?
Any vinyl odor will dissipate in a short period of time.
Is this flexible enough to lay on steps?
Yes, the product can be installed on stairs. The universal flooring is pliable and can be bent without cracking. It would be recommended to use or consult a professional installer for proper installation. This is possible, you would need to make sure all the material is fully adhered to avoid safety issues as with any flooring on stairs.
Is this flexible enough to be molded up the wall a bit?
This product is not a rigid product and should conform to contoured surfaces. This is not part of the recommended installation process however this product is very flexible.
Will this mold if the floor gets wet?
As mold can grow on almost any surface if moisture is left we strongly recommend that if moisture gets under the mat it be dried, however the product itself will not promote mold growth. This flooring is completely waterproof and will keep any moisture from penetrating through the product. This also means that if moisture exist in the concrete subfloor that it will not be able to evaporate if trapped under the flooring. It is also possible for moisture to migrate under the flooring from around the edges if not fully glued down. The product cannot control moisture or debris from entering from around the edges or the underside of the flooring. Some possible solutions to your problem would be to have your concrete floor sealed before reinstalling the G-Floor mat and or moving the mat periodically to allow the area underneath to dry especially in areas of high humidity.
What type of adhesive is recommended?
G-Floor PSA for garage installs. Only concrete OR G-Floor Marine and Outdoor - For wood substrates or outdoor use
How do I seam the floor?
Based on the installation method we suggest either Seam Tape or Center Trim
How do I prepare the floor before installation?
Refer to the installation guide for full instructions. The floor must be clean and completely free of debris. Recommended that floor is level and free of a major cracks or defects.
My flooring has a curl to it; will this go away?
It will take some time for most curl marks to lay flat. In cool to cold conditions, it may take 72+ hours before all curls have relaxed. Depending on the temperature, product may expand or contract somewhat during process. It is OK to park your car on the Floor Protector during this time.
Will the flooring work on heated floors?
Yes, G-Floor will work on heated floors. Recommend a full installation and leave at least 1/2” around perimeter of mats to allow for expansion.
Is G-Floor approved for use in Kitchens/Food Prep areas/Food Trucks, According to Health Codes?
G-Floor passes all the recommended ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) testing.
How do I clean my G-Floor products?
Continued care and maintenance is suggested. Clean with a mild detergent or vinyl flooring cleaner and warm water.
What makes G-Floor different from competitors?
Durability, no fillers, and Made in the USA
What is G-Floor made of?
Our Flooring is 100% Vinyl. No additives or fillers
How does G-Floor compare/contrast with painting floor or other applications?
G-Floor is easy to install. If Free Floating, requires no installation. Can drive and walk on the product within a few hours. ETC…
What is the warranty?
Better Life Technology, LLC (BLT) warrants to the original purchaser (Buyer) only that vinyl mats and flooring product manufactured by Better Life Technology, LLC will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of the product. Restrictions apply, see documentation provided by BLT within packaging.