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Swisstrax Floor Designer

In effort to assist you in creating your perfect floor or floor mat we have two separate design tools. One is specifically for use with Swisstrax Modular Tile flooring. The second is to be able to submit your own design or image for your floor mat.

If you don't find what you need or need our assistance please reach out. We are a family run business and want to deliver as cost effective access to your products and solutions as possible. We're here to help! 


Enter the size of your garage, retail space, display, or patio and then select from one of the many product types. Once you complete your design email it to us and we will review your design to ensure you have everything covered.

We will then also provide a quote and if you are ready to go accept payment and get your order rolling. The entire process from design to receipt of your floor can be as little as just a week. 

Click the image to be linked to the design tool.

For your convenience we've provided some standard sizes that don't require tile cutting. This is perfect for Trade Show Floors, Display Pads, Parking Pad or more. 

General Dimensions        Tile Dimensions            Tile & Edges

10' x 10'                                  9’ 2” x 9’ 2”                    9’ 7” x 9’ 7”
10' x 15'                                  9’ 2” x 14’ 6”                  9’ 7” x 14’ 11”
10' x 20'                                  9’ 2” x 19’ 8”                  9’ 7” x 20’ 1”
10' x 30'                                  9’ 2” x 28’ 11”                9’ 7” x 29’ 4”
20' x 20'                                19’ 8” x 19’ 8”                20’ 1” x 20’ 1”