About Us

Auto Inspirations was born out of Marie and Tim's love for all things automotive.

Our logo is a nod to Marie's dad and his old 1955 Ford F100 pickup truck. Marie used to sneak out from the side of the garage and drive when dad was not home. The trick was to be able to park it in the same spot so that he would not notice. Somehow, I think he knew but just didn’t say anything!

After nearly 20 years at Best Buy Corporation Tim's journey took a new path to smaller companies and ultimately starting our first company. Graphic Image Flooring provides custom printed vinyl (resilient) flooring for commercial spaces, trade show & event floors throughout North America. Finished projects have been used by Mercedes, Carnival Cruise Lines, Red Bull, Toyota, and many more.

Marie has spent most of her career in the healthcare industry from senior care to early childhood development. More recently she serves as the clinic manager, IT manager and HR manager for a pediatrics clinic. Her love of hanging around cars with her dad cemented her drive to be in the automotive industry.

We’re a family business with a goal to offer product lines that are not only of the absolute highest quality but offer a little fun. As a result, our assortment will always be a little narrower but items we feel strongly deliver the quality we demand.

Our products are both fun and useful such as award-winning race inspired furniture, the world’s finest modular garage floor tiles, remote control Bluetooth stereo coolers, and officially licensed accessories for your car or truck.   

Most of our products are proudly manufactured in the United States and shipped throughout North America.

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Marie & Tim 


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