Vinyltrax Tiles

Its never been easier to make your floor SLEEK. BOLD. DURABLE.

Realistic and durable vinyl floors with legendary Swisstrax performance.

  • Weight Capacity - 30% more connectors than the competition and can withstand up to 25,000 lbs of rollover weight.
  • Construction - The only tile created with a 4 point injection mold, ensuring the most even and thorough material distribution.
  • Chemical Resistant - Resistant to oil, gas, acid or solvents including Skydrol and Alkalies.
  • Best Warranty - Swisstrax offers the BEST WARRANTY, hands down. 15 full years, non-prorated, no restocking fees, no hassles.
  • Superior Strength - Swisstrax tiles are 25% thicker than the competition and feature a compression strength of 3,150 psi.
  • Heat Resistant - Temperature Tolerances: -22°F to +248°F and Fire Rating: HB (Horizontal Burn)
  • Rain or Shine - UV Stabilizer mixed into the material as well as the color pigments, making them highly fade resistant  and  Non-slip
  • Design Quality - Swiss engineering and precision in the research, design and development of our products. Swisstrax proudly and exclusively manufactures in North America.

Vinyltrax Tiles

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Vinyltrax Tiles
Vinyltrax Tiles