Rubbertrax Tiles

Swisstrax recycled rubber makes it EASY BEING GREEN.

Rubbertrax is made entirely from 100% recycle rubber, regionally sourced materials. 

  • Weight Capacity - 30% more connectors than the competition and can withstand 25,000 lbs of rollover weight
  • Recycled Material - The only modular rubber flooring tile in the world using 100% post-consumer recycled material
  • Chemical Resistant - Resistant to oil, gas, acid or solvents including Skydrol and Alkalies.
  • Best Warranty - Swisstrax offers the BEST WARRANTY, hands down. 7 full years, non-prorated, no restocking fees, no hassles
  • Superior Strength - Swisstrax tiles are 25% thicker than the competition and feature a compression strength of 2,120 psi
  • Heat Resistant - Temperature Tolerances: -22°F to +248°F and Fire Rating: HB (Horizontal Burn)
  • Rain or Shine - UV Stabilizer mixed into the material as well as the color pigments, making them highly fade resistant and Non-slip
  • Design Quality - Rubbertrax recycled rubber flooring tiles are available in 3 styles and only in Jet Black. Can be used in conjunction with same size Swisstrax standard Polypropylene tiles.
LEED Certified Rubber Flooring

Rubbertrax tiles contain 100% post-consumer recycled content and is the only modular rubber tile in the world using 100% post-consumer recycled material. Rubbertrax is also made entirely from regionally sourced materials.

With the our Rubbertrax recycled flooring program we turn recycled parts into guaranteed quality and low cost flooring tile. The product we receive in return will be recycled again so the recycled flooring circle is closed. 

Rubbertrax Tiles vs. Standard Polypropylene Tiles. 

Choosing the right tile is important. Our Rubbertrax tiles withstand different conditions as they are made with different raw materials.

    1. Rubbertrax tiles are only available in black and can exhibit slight color variations.
    2. Not as weather resistant as our Polypropylene standard tiles.
    3. Rubbertrax tiles are not meant to withstand Ultra Violet Rays over time. We do not recommended installing a Rubbertrax floor in an area with an abundance of direct sunlight.
    4. Due to the nature of recycled goods, we cannot control what materials go into the recycled floor tile; however, the products withstand our internal testing procedures regarding tensile and break.
    5. Roll-over weight is estimated at approximately 25,000 lbs, which is the same as most of our competitors' standard tiles.

Rubbertrax Tiles

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Rubbertrax Tiles
Rubbertrax Tiles